Nutra-SlimNutra-Slim Tea Review

This weight loss tea is packaged in boxes of 30 tea bags. Though the Nutra-Slim Tea is completely different from the Nutri-Slim Tea, people tend to always confuse both as that is commonly used for weight loss.

The ingredients used in making both teas are   quite different. The packaging is quite similar and they’re actually produced by the same company – Dieter’s.

This company manufactures several slimming formulas and weight loss supplements but yet you can hardly find a website for these products.

List of Ingredients

Cassia Angustifolia (Senna)

Features of Nutra-Slim

These types of slimming teas usually have natural laxatives and this tea is no different.  Nutra-Slim is made from only one ingredient, Senna which is also the only natural laxative present in it.

It helps increase the movements of the bowels of its users and is not known to be very palatable. As a result, some dieters usually find it very hard drinking this tea.

Nutra-Slim Tea is free of ingredients that burn fats, suppress appetite or help increase the body’s metabolic rate. No flavors have been added to it.

The use of laxatives has often been associated with eating disorders. You can’t get permanent results using laxatives – the results are not usually long term.

However, if a dieter was to use Nutra-Slim Tea, the weight loss results you will get initially can be attributed to the loss of water from the body. The process of dehydration has serious side effects. It induces a lethargic feeling and can even lead to serious health issues.

The use of laxative products like Nutra-Slim Tea can destroy one’s intestinal system. It can also affect the muscles – makes them grow weak. This leads to further dependence on these laxatives that would require further bowel stimulants in order to maintain a healthy movement of your bowels.

A pack of Nutra-Slim Tea is sold for $3.99 online. The product can only be ordered through third party retailers as there’s no official website for the product.

Benefits of Using Nutra-Slim Tea



  • This tea is a laxative.
  • Using laxatives can lead to overdependence on it.
  • Using them on a long-term basis can lead to dehydration.
  • It contains Senna which is a potiential health risk which led to a recall of the product from the market.
  • The product has no official website


Nutri-Slim Tea and Nutri-Slim tea are two different products that look so identical.  They are both manufactured by the same company which easily explains why they’ve identical packaging.

They are made from the same type of ingredients – laxatives which is the only one. All these similarities tend to make the product very confusing for the average consumer or dieter.

The only ingredient you’ll find in Nutra-Slim is Senna. Using these types of ingredients (laxatives) on a long term basis might lead to diarrhea, dehydration and an addiction to laxatives in the nearest future.

You would hardly find any medical or scientific report certifying that laxatives can be used for effective weight loss. Any scientific literature promoting such theories is false and trying to lose weight through this method could be seen as an eating disorder.

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